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Producers log in provides access to additional information available on this site. Producers will find more News, Operations Manual, Bulletins and Newsletters, Discussion Boards and On-Line Chat for scheduled classes and sessions with experience producers.

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If you are already a Eureka Woodworks, Inc. producer and you do not have a User Name and Password for this new site, proceed to the Order Today page, fill in the form completely. When you come to Select Program, select Already A Producer. Your new User Name and Password will be e-mailed to you once your request has been approved.

Access to the Exclusive Member Information pages gives you access to:

  • More news items specifically for Producers
  • Updates to the Operations Manual
  • Bulletins and Newsletters
  • Discussion Boards
  • On-line Chat sessions with other Producers
  • Ability to update your web site information for sites hosted by Sand Dollar Digital Design

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